Weekly Events, March 28-April 1, 2022

Monday, March 28

  • Joseph L. Krislov Labor Workshop (economics): “Unstable Leisure Complementarity and Dual Career Couples’ Joint Retirement Behavior,” Qin Lin (UW)
    3:45-5:00 pm (details)

Tuesday, March 29

  • CDE DemSem: “Race/Ethnicity, Racism, and Population Health in the United States: The Straightforward, The Complex, Innovations, and the Future,” Robert Hummer (University of North Carolina)
    12:15-1:30 pm (details; this session is virtual only)
  • Juli Plant Grainger Public Workshop (economics): “Why Does Capital Flow from Equal to Unequal Countries?” Federica Romei (Oxford)
    3:45-5:00 pm (details)

Wednesday, March 30

  • Race and Ethnicity Workshop: Joint meeting of the Race and Ethnicity and Qualitative Methods Workshops. Amanda Lewis, “Race, Whiteness and Qualitative Methods.”
    10:30 am-12:00 pm (details)
  • Applied Economics Workshop (A&AE): “Difference In Differences With Time-Varying Covariates,” Brantly Callaway (Georgia)
    12:00 pm (details)
  • Demography Training Seminar: PAA Practice talks & posters
    2:00-3:15 pm (details)

Thursday, March 31

  • Institute for Research on Poverty: “Intergenerational Transmission of Violence in Three-Generational Households: Evidence from Wisconsin Families Studies,” Jooyoung Kong (UW)
    12:15-1:30 pm (details)
  • Household Finance Research Seminar: “Household Composition, Resource Use and the Resilience of Older Adults Aging in Community During COVID-19,” Chris Herbert, Jennifer Molinsky, Samara Scheckler, and Bonnie Albright
    3:45-4:45 pm (details, Zoom only)
  • Juli Plant Grainger Macroeconomics Workshop (economics): “Learning About the Long Run,” Emi Nakamura (Berkeley)
    3:45-5:15 pm (details)

Friday, April 1

  • Interdisciplinary Training Program in Education Sciences: “Special Words: Uncertainty at the Intersection of Reading Research and Educational Practice,” Matthew Cooper Borkenhagen
    12:00-1:30 pm (details)