Demography Training Seminar


Co-hosted by CDE and the Center for Demography of Health and Aging, the weekly Demography Training Seminar augments affiliates’ professional skills, including those related to research communication, data management, analysis, and visualization, among many others. The series is largely targeted at the Center’s doctoral students and affiliated postdoctoral fellows, but certain sessions (e.g., new statistical methods, new computing tools) are also targeted to and attended by faculty. The series is designed to be flexible, so that training on new ideas and tools can be brought to the demography community quickly.

Led by Felix Elwert, the seminar meets on Wednesdays from 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. in room 8417 of the Sewell Social Sciences Building and is open to all. The fall 2021 schedule is available here.

Fall 2021 Schedule

September 8: Introductions

September 15: Art of the Abstract
Jenna Nobles (UW Sociology)

September 22: PAA Abstract Workshop Panel
Felix Elwert, Michal Engelman (UW Sociology); Corina Mommaerts (UW Economics)

September 29: Publishing as Process
Felix Elwert (UW Sociology)

October 6: Asking Research Questions: What is Your Estimand?
Ian Lundberg (UCLA Sociology)

October 13: cancelled

October 20: New Outcome Metrics for Survival Analysis
Lu Mao (UW Biostatistics)
*Please note that this session will be virtual

October 27: Stage Skills for Presenters
Lucy McLallan (Madison, Drama therapist)

November 3, 2021: Practice Job Talks Panel
Felix Elwert (UW Sociology), TBD

November 10: Hidden Curriculum
Sebastian Tello-Trillo (UVA Public Policy & Economics)

November 17: Ethics Session: Engaging Controversial Papers

November 24No class –day before Thanksgiving recess

December 1: Ethics Session: Transparency and Reproducibility from the Trenches: What 1000 Econ Articles Teach You
Lars Villhuber (Cornell Economics, AEA Data Editor)

December 8: Workflow for Publishable Tables with Stata 17
Russell Dimond (UW SSCC)

December 15: Non-traditional Data
Max Besbris (UW Sociology)