Demography Training Seminar


Co-hosted by CDE and the Center for Demography of Health and Aging, the weekly Demography Training Seminar augments affiliates’ professional skills, including those related to research communication, data management, analysis, and visualization, among many others. The series is largely targeted at the Center’s doctoral students and affiliated postdoctoral fellows, but certain sessions (e.g., new statistical methods, new computing tools) are also targeted to and attended by faculty. The series is designed to be flexible, so that training on new ideas and tools can be brought to the demography community quickly.


Led by Max Bebris in 2022-2023, the seminar meets on Wednesdays from 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. (8417 Sewell Social Sciences Building) and is open to all.

Fall 2022

September 7: Introductions 

September 14: PAA Abstract PanelMichal Engelman (UW Sociology), Corina Mommaerts (UW Economics) 

September 21: The Publication Process, Matt Wiswall (UW Economics) 

September 28: PAA Abstract Workshop, Max Besbris (UW Sociology) 

October 5: No Class – Yom Kippur 

October 12: Bayesian Model Selection and Model Uncertainty, David Kaplan (UW Educational Psychology) 

October 19: Asking Research Questions, Meg Bea (UW Human Ecology) 

October 26: Interacting with Advisors/Mentors, Marcy Carlson, (UW Sociology) 

November 2: Nonlinear Probability Models,  John Mullahy, (UW Sociology) 

November 9: What is an Academic Job? Jason Fletcher (UW Public Affairs/Sociology/Economics) 

November 16: Where to find Spatial Data, Marah Curtis (UW Social Work) 

November 23No class –day before Thanksgiving recess

Nov 30: Mixed Methods Demographic Research, Sarah Halpern-Meekin (UW Human Development and Public Affairs) 

December 7: Equitable Health Measurements and Health Demography Careers, Amanda Gatewood and Nicholas Schmuhl (UW Population Health Institute) 

Spring 2023

Jan 25: “Data Management” – Jim Walker (UW Economics)

Feb 1: No in person meeting. Individual research consultations.

Feb 8: “Promoting Research and Media Tips” – Malia Jones (UW C&E Sociology)

Feb 15: “The Academic Job Market” – Christine Schwartz (UW Sociology)

Feb 22: “Inference for Just-Identified Instrumental Variables – Jack Porter (UW Economics)

March 1: “How to Give a Great PAA Presentation” – Monica Grant (UW Sociology)

March 8: “Datasets for Research on Family, Population, and Social Mobility in Historical China” – Cameron Campbell (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) from 2:15-4:00pm

March 15: No class – Spring Break

March 22: PAA Practice Talks and Posters

March 29: PAA Practice Talks and Posters

April 5: PAA Practice Talks and Posters

April 12: No class – PAA

April 19: “Postdocs: What Are They and Are they Right for You” – Hector Pifarre Arolas (UW Public Affairs)

April 26: Panel on Sociogenomic Data and Analysis – James Li (UW Psychology); Qionshi Lu (UW Biostatistics); Lauren Schmitz (UW Public Affairs)