Demography Training Seminar


Co-hosted by CDE and the Center for Demography of Health and Aging, the weekly Demography Training Seminar augments affiliates’ professional skills, including those related to research communication, data management, analysis, and visualization, among many others. The series is largely targeted at the Center’s doctoral students and affiliated postdoctoral fellows, but certain sessions (e.g., new statistical methods, new computing tools) are also targeted to and attended by faculty. The series is designed to be flexible, so that training on new ideas and tools can be brought to the demography community quickly.

Led by Michal Engelman, the Demography Training Seminar usually meets on Wednesdays from 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. in 8417 Social Sciences and is open to all.

Spring 2020 Schedule

Jan 22:  Giving A Good Research Talk

Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

Jan 29:  Preparing Scientific Posters

Renee Kremer, UW-Madison Population Health Sciences

Mike King, UW-Madison Sociology

Sandra Spirovska, UW-Madison Economics

Feb 5:  Data Management

Jim Walker, UW-Madison Economics

Feb 12:  “Concerned Demography:” Ethics in Population Research

Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

Feb 19:  Reproducibility

Jenna Nobles, UW-Madison Sociology

Feb 26:  Postdocs: What are they for and how do you get them?

Katie Jajtner, Center for Demography of Health & Aging

Xing Sherry Zhang, Health Disparities Research Scholar

Amanda Bosky, Center for Financial Security

Ngoc Dao, Center for Financial Security, Retirement & Disability Research Center

March 4:  A recent grad reflects on the Academic Job Market

Eric Vogelsang, Cal State San Bernardino

March 11:  Bayesian Statistics

Scott Lynch, Duke University Sociology

March 18:  Spring Break

March 25: PAA Practice talks I

Leafia Ye: Longer Lives in Poverty: U.S. Immigrants’ Longevity Advantage and Economic Disadvantage in Older Ages

Leah Foltman: The Persistent Influence of Redlining on Racial Disparities in Educational Attainment in Milwaukee, WI

Shiro Furuya: Detecting genetic heterogeneities in response to trauma: The case of 9/11

Emma Romell: Family Complexity and Fathers’ Parenting Quality

April 1:  PAA Practice Talks II

Won-tak Joo: Restructuring of Social Networks After the Onset of Health Problems

Ellie Hozhausen; The Validity of Self- and Proxy-Reported Health Measures in Children

Joanna Venator: Undue Burden Beyond Texas: An Analysis of Abortion Clinic Closures, Births, And Abortions in Wisconsin

Leah Foltman: Racial Disparities in Health: An Investigation in Wisconsin.

April 8: PAA Practice Talks III

Leafia Ye: Forced-Choice Dilemma? Immigrant Youth’s School Achievement and Popularity

Alex Mikulas: Beyond Area Disadvantage: How disadvantage indexes make – and miss – the mark for predicting sense of community

Shiro Furuya: Loneliness and isolation at older ages in Japan: A life table approach

Gracie Venechuk: Health at the Intersection of Work and Family for American Mothers”

April 15: PAA Practice Talks IV

Ariane Ophir: Housemates and Housework: A New Context for the Gendered Division of Labor?

Kelsey Wright: The effects of method-related sexual effects on contraceptive method satisfaction and continuation

Ang Yu: The Impact of Parental Wealth on Children’s Nest-leaving, Renting, and Home-buying.

Lindsay Cannon: The Role of Violent and Coercive Experiences in Sexual and Reproductive Health Outcomes among Women in Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

April 22:  No Seminar: PAA in Washington, DC

April 29:  TBD

Fall 2019 Schedule

A downloadable electronic calendar file is available here.

September 4: Reproducible Research, Lars Vilhuber, Cornell Economics

September 11: Writing a Strong PAA Abstract, Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

September 18: PAA Abstract workshop, Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

September 25:  Practice Job Talk, Sherry Zhang, Health Disparities Research Scholars Program

October 2: Practice Job Talk, Nathan Seltzer, UW-Madison Sociology

October 9: No Seminar (Yom Kippur)

October 16: Practice Job Talk, Mike King, UW-Madison Sociology

October 23: Framing Your Research Story, Jordan Conwell, UW-Madison Sociology & Educational Policy Studies

October 30: Writing Dissertation Proposals, Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

November 6: The R&R process: Responding to reviews & being a reviewer, Monica Grant, Lauren Schmitz, & Eric Grodsky, UW-Madison Sociology

November 13: Navigating academia as an interdisciplinary scholar, Lauren Gaydosh, Vanderbilt Sociology

November 20: The Advisor-Advisee Relationship, Amber Smith & Liza Chang, WISCIENCE Research Mentor and Mentee Training Program

November 27: No Seminar (Thanksgiving Break)

December 4: Model Choice & Model Selection in the Population Sciences, David Kaplan UW-Madison, Educational Psychology, John Mullahy UW-Madison, Population Health, Christine Schwartz, UW-Madison Sociology

December 11: Ethical Considerations in Population Research: It’s in the Data, Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

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