Demography Training Seminar


Co-hosted by CDE and the Center for Demography of Health and Aging, the weekly Demography Training Seminar augments affiliates’ professional skills, including those related to research communication, data management, analysis, and visualization, among many others. The series is largely targeted at the Center’s doctoral students and affiliated postdoctoral fellows, but certain sessions (e.g., new statistical methods, new computing tools) are also targeted to and attended by faculty. The series is designed to be flexible, so that training on new ideas and tools can be brought to the demography community quickly.

Led by Michal Engelman, the Demography Training Seminar usually meets on Wednesdays from 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. in 8417 Social Sciences and is open to all.

Fall 2018 Schedule

A downloadable electronic calendar file is available here.

Wednesday, September 5: Intro & Overview of the graduate training program, Marcy Carlson, Michal Engelman, Jason Fletcher, John Mullahy, Jenna Nobles, Jim Raymo

Wednesday, September 12: Workshop PAA Abstracts, Michal Engelman

Wednesday, September 19: No Seminar

Wednesday, September 26: Writing a Research Paper for Publication, Michal Engelman, Jason Fletcher, Jenna Nobles

Wednesday, October 3: Research-in-Progress, Qian He

Monday, October 8: Genetics and Social Sciences: An Overview, Philipp Koellinger, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Wednesday, October 17: Causal inference with Big Data, Hyunseung Kang

Wednesday, October 24: Careers outside Academia, Kiersten Strombotne (American Institutes for Research) and Jessa Lewis Valentine (DVP-Praxis LTD)

Wednesday, October 31, Epigenetics: A Social Scientist’s Perspective, Colter Mitchell (Michigan)

Wednesday, November 7: Agent-Based Modeling with NetLogo (I), Jennifeer Stenglein (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)

Wednesday, November 14: Agent-Based Modeling with NetLogo (II), Jennifeer Stenglein (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)

Wednesday, November 21: Thanksgiving break

Wednesday, November 28: Structuring Arguments, UW–Madison Writing Center

Wednesday, December 5: New Rules for Human Subjects Research? What Happened to the Old Ones?, Susan Lederer

Wednesday, December 12: Practice Job Talk with Esteban Quiñones