CDE’s weekly Demography Seminar (DemSem) offers presentations of substantive work at the forefront of population sciences by top scholars from across the university campus and beyond. The Demography Seminar is open to all and meets on Tuesdays during the academic year from 12:15-1:30 p.m. Please note whether sessions will be virtual or in person. For in-person sessions, DemSem will meet in 8417 Social Sciences. For Zoom links or questions, please email

Fall 2022 Schedule

September 13, 2022:New Colleagues and Visitors” flash presentations and group lunch with Christina Kamis, Alex Natanson, Héctor Pifarré i Arolas, and Jiaxin Shi

September 20, 2022: “Little Divergence in America — Market Access and Demographic Transition in the US”  Melanie Guldi, University of Central Florida

September 27, 2022: “How the Suburbs Were Segregated” Paige Glotzer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Virtual Link: 

September 28, 2022: “New Developments in Retirement Risk Management” Olivia Mitchell, University of Pennsylvania (CDHA/Hilldale lecture)

October 4, 2022: “The Inequalities of Well-being and Income” Tamkinat Rauf, Stanford University

October 11, 2022: “Noncitizen Justice: The Criminal Case Processing of Non-U.S. Citizens in Texas and California” Michael Light, University of Wisconsin-Madison

October 18, 2022: “Multigenerational Education Effect on Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Risk” Liying Luo, Pennsylvania State University

October 25, 2022: “Does Schooling Improve Cognitive Abilities at Older Ages? Causal Evidence from Nonparametric Bounds?” Vikesh Amin, Central Michigan

November 1, 2022: “Flooding, Spatial Vulnerability, and Racial Health Disparities: The Case of Hurricane HarveyEthan Raker, University of British Columbia

November 8, 2022: A Social Epigenomic Approach to Cardiometabolic Disparities” Jennifer Smith, University of Michigan

November 10, 2022: “Context Matters: Structural Racism and Racial Inequality in the U.S.” Regina Baker, University of Pennsylvania, (Havens Wright Center), Thursday at Noon, Virtual

November 15, 2022: Inequality without Groups: Contemporary Theories of Categories, Intersectional Typicality, and the Measurement of Difference Ellis Monk, Harvard,  virtual

November 22, 2022: No DemSem (Thanksgiving Break)

November 29, 2022: ” Black-White Economic Progress: The Impact of the Boll Weevil”  Ethan Schmick, Marquette University

December 6, 2022: “Care Work System and the Structure of Economic Inequality” Pilar Gonalons-Pons, University of Pennsylvania

December 13, 2022: “Mortality and Fertility in the United States at the Onset of the Demographic Transition: Evidence from the IPUMS Multigenerational Longitudinal Panel Project” David Hacker, University of Minnesota

December 14, 2022: Last day of fall semester