Weekly Events, March 21-25, 2022

Monday, March 21

  • Population Health Sciences Seminar: “Geographies of Racism and Sexism: Understanding Spatialized Intersectionality, Maternal / Child Health, and Milwaukee’s Lead Crisis,” Dalvery Blackwell and Erica Morrell
    12:00-1:00 pm (details)

Tuesday, March 22

  • CDE DemSem: Showcase of New Research from Postdoctoral Affiliates with Hamid Noghani, Leigh Senderowicz, and Yan Zhang
    12:15-1:30 pm (details; this session is in person only)
  • Juli Plant Grainger Public Workshop (economics): “Media Persuasion through Slanted Language: Evidence from the Coverage of Immigration,” Milena Djourelova
    3:45-5:00 pm (details)

Wednesday, March 23

  • Race and Ethnicity Workshop:  Avery Warner will review, “Truth and Reparation for the U.S. Imprisonment and Policing Regime
    10:30 am-12:00 pm (details)
  • Demography Training Seminar: PAA Practice talks & posters
    2:00-3:15 pm (details)
  • Statistics Seminar: “On Quantum Supremacy Demonstrations,” Yosef Rinott
    4:00-5:00 pm (details)

Thursday, March 24

  • Institute for Research on Poverty: ”
    Estimating the Prevalence of Substance-Exposed Newborns in Child Maltreatment,” Christine Piette Durrance (UW)
    12:15-1:30 pm (details)
  • Household Finance Research Seminar: “Family Proximity and Co-Residence in Retirement: Heterogeneity in Residential Changes Across Older Adults’ Economic and Care Contexts,” Megan Doherty Bea
    3:45-4:45 pm (details)
  • Juli Plant Grainger Macroeconomics Workshop (economics): “A Theory of Wage Rigidity and Unemployment Fluctuations with On-the-Job Search,” Masao Fukui
    3:45-5:15 pm (details)

Friday, March 25

  • Interdisciplinary Training Program in Education Sciences: Anna Bartel (tentative)
    12:00-1:30 pm (details)