Sharing Information and Gathering Data about the COVID-19 Pandemic

In recent weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak has been the near-singular focus of the news media, and CDE affiliates have made their mark in the news cycle.

Malia Jones typed a message for her family, friends, and colleagues with an overview of her thoughts on the outbreak as an epidemiologist in mid-March, just as the pandemic was becoming a reality in the U.S. It went viral and was subsequently published as an op-ed in USA Today. She has since been heavily involved in modeling COVID risk in Wisconsin and widespread science communication efforts, including columns in The Capital Times, quotes in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and The New York Times. She built a simulation game to help the public understand the impact of distancing and is even the author of an e-book for kids! A Kids Book about COVID-19. She is one of 9 experts behind a new public health resource, known as ‘Dear Pandemic,’ providing evidence-based answers about COVID-19 on social media.

Tiffany Green spoke to Medical News Today about racial/ethnic disparities in COVID-19. After highlighting that “the racialized class and occupational structures of the U.S. are to blame for the fact that many people of color are far more likely to be exposed to COVID-19,” she notes that we “need to focus on addressing the underlying disparities in social determinants that produce these inequities.”

Jonathan Patz told Bloomberg about how climate change may contribute to creating conditions where new viruses thrive.

Ian Coxhead was quoted on what the state of the Chinese poultry industry may suggest for the global economic outlook in the Wall Street Journal.

Timothy Smeeding was quoted in The New York Times in an article about the broadening of safety net programs during the coronavirus outbreak.

Several CDE affiliates are launching new COVID-19 related research projects, and we’ll provide more information about these projects as they develop in the future.