Yue Qin, Jooyoung Kong, and Sara Moorman, “Filial Caregiving and Chinese Adults’ Depressive Symptoms: Do Early-Life Parent-Child Relationships Matter?”

“This study investigated the association between caregiving time and depressive symptoms among Chinese adult children aged 45 and above, and whether early-life relationships with parents moderated the association. We used data from the 2011, 2013, …

Fuller-Rowell, Nichols, El-Sheikh, Burrow, Ong, & Ryff, “The pandemic and social experience: For whom did discrimination and social isolation increase?”

Impact Statement
The results of this study suggest notable shifts in experiences of discrimination and social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the findings indicate that Black young adults experienced increases in discrimination, which exacerbated Black–White racial disparities in social isolation. Determining the degree to which the reported changes are enduring, evident in other demographic groups, and of longer term developmental and public health significance will be important next steps to inform a continuing pandemic response, and responses to future societal-level stressful events. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2022 APA, all rights reserved)