The Class of 1957 in their Mid-60s: A First Look

Robert, Hauser, and Carol Roan
Working paper no. 2006-03


This paper presents the results from the latest round of data collection for the nearly 50 year-old Wisconsin Longitudinal Study (WLS). The results primarily update the lives of the graduates since our last interviews with them in 1993. Thus those who are new to WLS should also read the report on the overview and findings from our previous round of interviews and surveys. The findings presented in this report are the results of a collaboration of a research team that over time has involved many hundreds of researchers, students and interviewers. However our most important collaboration has been with our WLS participants. Over the years we have not only maintained ties with most of the surviving respondents of the original class of ’57 sample, we have also talked with their siblings, their spouses and their sibling’s spouses. We are extremely grateful for their time, energy, and continued enthusiasm for this project.