Jeffrey Smith

Position title: Paul T. Heyne Distinguished Chair in Economics


Phone: (608) 262-3066

7454 Sewell Social Sciences

Department of Economics
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My background, expertise and substantive interests fit well with the ambitions of Wisconsin’s Center for Demography and Ecology (CDE), and my work is especially related to the Demography of Inequality. My large body of work on both experimental and non-experimental methods for estimating the impacts of interventions adds to the disciplinary and methodological diversity of the center faculty. My work includes studies on experimental design and interpretation, on the identification and interpretation of heterogeneous treatment effects, on propensity score matching and other matching and weighting methods for the estimation of causal effects, and on regression discontinuity designs. My substantive interests in the evaluation of government programs, specifically active labor market programs, and in the labor market effects of college quality and college match, nicely complement the interests of others in the center.

CDE research theme area affiliation

Demography of Inequality

Selected Publications

Levy, Helen G., Edward C. Norton, and Jeffrey A. Smith. “Tobacco Regulation and Cost-Benefit Analysis: How Should We Value Foregone Consumer Surplus?”. American Journal of Health Economics 4, no. 1 (2018): 1-25.