Eunsil Oh

Position title: Assistant Professor, Sociology


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Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Eunsil Oh is an assistant professor of Sociology and Asian Languages and Culture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research lies in family studies; sociology of gender; and demography. Oh’s research explores key themes in individuals’ narratives of their work and family decisions and the underlying social and cultural forces that shape these decisions. Topics of her interest include marriage, fertility, parenting, and employment. Currently, using the context of contemporary Korea, which has the lowest total fertility rate in the world, Oh investigates how individuals define success and arrive at their ideals about fertility and work. Her recent collaborative work also explores how women define social mobility and make decisions about work and fertility in contemporary East Asia.

CDE Research Theme Areas

Fertility, Families & Households; Demography of Inequality

Selected Publications

Oh, Eunsil, and Eunmi Mun. “Compensatory Work Devotion: How a Culture of Overwork Shapes Women’s Parental Leave in South Korea.” Gender & Society 36, no. 4 (2022): 552-577.

Bueno, Xiana, and Eunsil Oh. “How do Men Talk about Taking Leave? Fatherhood and Parental Leave Policies in South Korea, Spain and the U.S.” Engaged Fatherhood for Men, Families and Gender Equality (2022): 165 edited by Springer.

Oh, Eunsil. “The Strength of Information: Maternal Education and Childrearing in Urban Korea.” in Korean Families Yesterday and Today, edited by Park, Hyunjoon and Hyeyeong Woo. University of Michigan Press.(2020): 43-70.

Brinton, Mary C., and Eunsil Oh. “Babies, Work, or Both? Highly Educated Women’s Employment and Fertility in East Asia.” American Journal of Sociology. 125, no. 1 (2019): 105-140.

Oh, Eunsil. “Who Deserves to Work? How Women Develop Expectations of Childcare Support in Korea.” Gender & Society. 32, no. 4 (2018): 493-515.