John Allen Logan

Position title: Professor Emeritus, Sociology


Phone: (608) 262-0995

3452 Sewell Social Sciences

Department of Sociology
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My research has explored ‘two-sided’ matching problems, where choices are made by two sets of actors. I am currently working on four papers involving two-sided modeling of social outcomes: 1) a multivariate, two-sided analysis of the relative importance of worker versus firm preferences in the differential allocation of women versus men to part-time employment, using PSID data; 2) a re-analysis of a standing mobility table theory using a relevant cross-national data set; 3) a more pointed theoretical critique of the use of log-linear models in mobility table analysis; 4) an invited contribution to the journal Sociological Theory to discuss my distinctive approach to survey-based research. These papers are supported by my completed development of a Stata software package called tsmreg, without which the adoption of this type of analysis would be too onerous, especially in larger data sets like the PSID.

CDE research theme area affiliation

Demography of Inequality