Jesse Gregory

Position title: Associate Professor, Economics


Phone: (609) 890-4913

6424 Sewell Social Sciences

Department of Economics
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My current research is in Public, Labor, and Urban Economics. My work focuses on optimal policy design in economic models that allow for social interactions and structural inference of individuals responses to policies that target particular geographic locations. Substantive applications include assessing the impacts of hiring subsidies targeted to businesses in chronically poor neighborhoods, the impacts of post-Hurricane Katrina rebuilding grants on New Orleans homeowners’ rebuilding choices, and the impact of low-income housing development on the equilibrium demographic composition of neighborhoods. This later research focus involved understanding the impact of housing voucher targeting rules on recipients’ exposure to various neighborhood amenities and on the equilibrium demographic composition of neighborhoods.

I have completed this set of working papers that examine the impact of policies that provide relocation vouchers to poor families or develop new low-income housing units on the long-run outcomes of recipient families and receiving neighborhoods: 1) Davis, Morris, Jesse Gregory, Daniel Hartley, and Kegon Tan, (2018) “Neighborhood Choices, Neighborhood Effects, and Housing Vouchers,” University of Wisconsin Working Paper; and 2) Davis, Morris, Jesse Gregory, and Daniel Hartley, (2018) “The Equilibrium Effects of Housing Vouchers on Neighborhood Composition,” University of Wisconsin Working Paper.

CDE research theme area affiliations

Demography of Inequality; Spatial and Environmental Demography

Selected Publications

Sastry, Narayan, and Jesse Gregory. “The Location of Displaced New Orleans Residents in the Year after Hurricane Katrina.” Demography 51, no. 3 (2014): 753-75. PubMed Central ID 4048822.