Maureen Durkin

Position title: Professor of Population Health Sciences; Pediatrics


Additional Information
Curriculum Vitae

Maureen Durkin received her undergraduate degree and PhD in Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her MPH and DrPH degrees in Epidemiology from Columbia University. Her research interests include the epidemiology, prevention, antecedents, and consequences of neurodevelopmental disabilities and childhood injuries, both globally and within the United States. She has collaborated in the development of cross-cultural methods for screening for developmental disabilities and methods for surveillance of childhood injuries, and has directed international studies of the prevalence and causes of neurodevelopmental disabilities in low-income countries. She has also directed a cohort study of neuropsychological outcomes of neonatal brain injuries associated with preterm birth and with metabolic disorders detected on newborn screening, and is currently a Waisman Center Investigator, Principal Investigator on the Wisconsin Surveillance of Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities System, and Principal Investigator of the Wisconsin Study to Explore Early Development of Autism Spectrum Disorder.