Marah Curtis

Position title: Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, Social Work


Phone: (608) 263-3838

303 School of Social Work
1350 University Avenue

School of Social Work
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My research focuses on how the quality, stability and availability of housing interact with and shape the well-being of vulnerable families. As a faculty affiliate of the Center for Demography and Ecology, my research is most closely connected to the research areas of Fertility, Families and Households and the Demography of Inequality. My training and expertise in the area of housing and income-conditioned benefit policies allow me to mentor students in exploring the dynamic relationship between housing, public policy and family well-being.

CDE research theme area affiliations

Demography of Inequality; Fertility, Families, and Households

Selected Publications

Carroll, Anne, Hope Corman, Marah Curtis, Kelly Noonan, and Nancy E. Reichman. “Housing Instability and Children’s Health Insurance Gaps.” Academic Pediatrics 17, no. 7 (2017): 732-38. PubMed Central ID 6058677.

Warren, Emily J., Yonah N. Drazen, and Marah Curtis. “Public Housing Agency Preferences for the Homeless as a Policy Lever: Examining County-Level Housing Subsidy Receipt and Maltreatment Rates.” Children and Youth Services Review 78 (2017): 81-88. PubMed Central ID 6072271.

Curtis, Marah, and Emily Warren. “Child Support Receipt, Mobility, and Housing Quality.” Housing Studies 131, no. 6 (2016): 672-93. PubMed Central ID 6063090. NIHMS ID 980926.

Corman, Hope, Marah Curtis, Kelly Noonan, and Nancy Reichman. “Maternal Depression as a Risk Factor for Children’s Inadequate Housing Conditions “. Social Science & Medicine 149 (2016): 79-83. PubMed Central ID 6058679.

Curtis, Marah, Hope Corman, Kelly Noonan, and Nancy Reichman. “Maternal Depression as a Risk Factor for Family Homelessness.” American Journal of Public Health 104, no. 9 (2014): 1664-16670. PubMed Central ID 4151913.