Marcy Carlson

Position title: CDE Director; Professor, Sociology


Phone: (608) 262-1085

4452 Sewell Social Sciences

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I am currently Professor of Sociology and Director (since August 2016) of the Center for Demography and Ecology (CDE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. From 2012-2016, I served as CDE’s Associate Director for Training. As a family demographer, my primary research interests center on the associations between family contexts and the wellbeing of parents and children. My recent work has focused on aspects of family change (especially nonmarital childbearing) as linked to growing family complexity and inequality in the U.S. and increasingly in other industrialized countries; I have especially explored aspects of fathers’ roles in family life.

CDE research theme area affiliations

Demography of Inequality; Fertility, Families, and Households

Selected Publications

Ellerbe, Calvina, Jerrett Jones, and  Marcia Carlson. “Race/Ethnic Differences in Nonresident Fathers’ Involvement after a Nonmarital Birth.” Social Science Quarterly 99, no. 3 (2018): 1158-82. NIHMS ID 938006.

Carlson, Marcia, Alicia VanOrman, and Kimberly Turner. “Fathers’ Investments of Money and Time across Residential Contexts.” Journal of Marriage and Family 79, no. 1 (2017): 10-23. PubMed Central ID 5909825.

Carlson, Marcia, and Alicia VanOrman. “Trajectories of Relationship Supportiveness after Childbirth: Does Marriage Matter?” Social Science Research 66 (2017): 102-17. PubMed Central ID 5512449.

Raymo, James, Marcia Carlson, Alicia VanOrman, So-jung Lim, Brienna Perelli-Harris, and Miho Iwasawa. “Educational Differences in Early Childbearing: A Cross-National Comparative Study.” Demographic Research 33 (2015): 65-92. PubMed Central ID 6075669.

Goldberg, Julia, and Marcia Carlson. “Patterns and Predictors of Coparenting after Unmarried Parents Part.” Journal of Family Psychology 29, no. 3 (2015): 416-26. PubMed Central ID 6057872

Thomson, Elizabeth, Trude Lappegard, Marcia Carlson, Ann Evans, and Edith Gray. “Childbearing across Partnerships in Australia, the United States, Norway, and Sweden.” Demography 51, no. 2 (2014): 485-508. PubMed Central ID 5513161.

Goldberg, Julia, and Marcia Carlson. “Parents’ Relationship Quality and Children’s Behavior in Stable Married and Cohabiting Families.” Journal of Marriage and Family 76, no. 4 (2014): 762-77. PubMed Central ID 4128411.