Marguerite Burns

Position title: Associate Professor, Population Health Sciences


501 WARF Building
610 Walnut Street

Department of Population Health Sciences


My understanding of Medicaid policy is both broad and deep including expertise in the interaction between Medicaid policy, health care delivery, health outcomes, and other welfare programs. I teach quasi-experimental research design and have applied this expertise with appropriate econometric techniques to lead evaluations of multiple natural experiments in Medicaid policy. I have extensive experience designing and conducting analyses that use a wide variety of data types including surveys, Medicaid claims, large administrative datasets, and electronic medical records.

CDE research theme area affiliation

Health and the Life Course; Demography of Inequality

Selected Publications

Burns, Marguerite E., Laura Dague, Thomas DeLeire, Mary Dorsch, Donna Friedsam, Lindsey Jeanne Leininger, Gaston Palmucci, John Schmelzer, and Kristen Voskuil. “The Effects of Expanding Public Insurance to Rural Low-Income Childless Adults.” Health Services Research 49, no. Suppl 2 (2014): 2173-87. PubMed Central ID 4241153.

Burns, Marguerite E., Alison Galbraith, Dennis Ross-Degnan, and Richard Balaban. “Feasibility and Evaluation of a Pilot Community Health Worker Intervention to Reduce Hospital Readmissions.” International Journal for Quality in Health Care 26, no. 4 (2014): 358-65. PubMed Central ID 4542649.

Wherry, Laura R, Marguerite E. Burns, and Lindsey Jeanne Leininger. “Using Self-Reported Health Measures to Predict High-Need Cases among Medicaid-Eligible Adults.” Health Services Research 49, no. Suppl 2 (2014): 2147-72. PubMed Central ID 4241135.