Marguerite Burns

Position title: Associate Professor, Population Health Sciences


501 WARF Building
610 Walnut Street

Department of Population Health Sciences
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Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Burns’ work is motivated by an interest in understanding the consequences of federal and state Medicaid policy on the health and welfare of low-income adults defined in terms of access to health care, health and employment outcomes, and interactions with other social welfare programs. Her current and past research focuses primarily on adults who have addiction or mental health disorders, adults with justice involvement, and adults with work-limiting disabilities.

CDE research theme area affiliation

Health and the Life Course; Demography of Inequality

Selected Publications

Burns, Marguerite, Dague, Laura.  “In-kind Welfare Benefits and Reincarceration Risk: Evidence from Medicaid.” National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper. 2023. No. 31394. 

Burns, Marguerite, Tang, Lu, Kim, Joo Yeon, Allen, Lindsay, Cunningham, Peter, Gordon, Adam, et al.  “Duration of Medication Treatment for Opioid-Use Disorder and Risk of Overdose among Medicaid Enrollees in Eleven States.”  Addiction. 2022; 117(12): 3079-3088

Burns, Marguerite, Cook, Steve, Brown, Lars, Tyska, Steve, Westergaard, Ryan. “Increasing Medicaid Enrollment among Formerly Incarcerated Adults.” Health Services Research. 2021;56(4):643-654.

Burns, Marguerite, Dague Laura.  “The Effect of Expanding Medicaid Eligibility on Supplemental Security Income Program Participation.” *Journal of Public Economics. 2017;149:20-34.