Bradford Barham

Position title: Emeritus Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics


Phone: (608) 265-3090

422 Taylor Hall
427 Lorch Street

Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics
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My research addresses several related themes: 1) how low-income populations use migration and education to improve household well-being and mobility prospects for future generations; 2) how changes in markets, technology, and policy affect agricultural choices among resource-constrained rural households; 3) how these agricultural choices, in turn, affect productivity, earnings, and sustainability outcomes; and, 4) how risk, uncertainty, and learning shape farmers’ agricultural choices. I have considerable experience analyzing household-level panel data and applied microeconometrics.

CDE research theme area affiliations

Demography of Inequality; Spatial and Environmental Demography

Selected Publications

Barham, Bradford, Jean-Paul Chavas, Dylan Fitz, and Laura Schechter. “Receptiveness to Advice, Cognitive Ability, and Technology Adoption.” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 149 (2018): 239-68. PubMed Central ID 6086360.

Valentine, Jessa, Bradford Barham, Seth Gitter, and Jenna Nobles. “Migration and the Pursuit of Education in Southern Mexico.” Comparative Education Review 61, no. 1 (2017): 141-75. PubMed Central ID 984723.