Postdoctoral Scholars

Guadalupe Aguilera

Position title: Health Disparities Research Scholar

Joseph Clark

Position title: Center for Demography of Health and Aging

Jane Seymour

Position title: Collaborative for Reproductive Equity

Bikki Tran Smith

Position title: Health Disparities Research Scholar

Laura E. T. Swan

Position title: Population Health Sciences


Dani Bradley

Position title: Director of Clinical Services and Evidence, Ovia Health

Chenoa Allen

Position title: Assistant Professor, Health Policy, University of Missouri

Julia Behrman

Position title: Assistant Professor, Sociology, Northwestern University

Raeven Chandler

Position title: Demographic & Outreach Program Manager, Applied Population Lab

Susan De Vos

Position title: Senior Scientist, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Deborah Ehrenthal

Position title: Director, Social Science Research Institute, Penn State

Peter Fallesen

Position title: Senior Researcher, Rockwool Foundation Research Unit; Associate Professor, Sociology, Swedish Institute for Social Research

Jeremy Freese

Position title: Professor, Sociology, Stanford University

Dana Garbarski

Position title: Associate Professor, Sociology, Loyola University

Amy Godecker

Position title: Associate Scientist, Population Health Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Amar Hamoudi

Position title: Global Head of New Analytic Approaches, Global Research, UBS

Pamela Herd

Position title: Professor, Public Policy, Georgetown University

Robin Hognas

Position title: Researcher, Stockholm University

Katie Jajtner

Position title: Research Scientist & Economist, Center for Financial Security Retirement and Disability Research Center

Nathan Jones

Position title: Senior Project Director, University of Wisconsin Survey Center

Mary Kritz

Position title: Honorary Fellow, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Dave Long

Position title: Associate Director, Applied Population Lab

Mary McEniry

Position title: Honorary Fellow/Senior Scientist, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Christopher McKelvey

Position title: Lecturer, Economics, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Rourke O'Brien

Position title: Assistant Professor, Sociology, Yale University

Berk Yavuzoglu

Position title: Assistant Professor of Economics, Nazarbayev University-Republic of Kazakhstan


Bradford Barham

Position title: Emeritus Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Larry Bumpass

Position title: Norman B. Ryder Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Martin David

Position title: Professor Emeritus, Economics

Glenn Fuguitt

Position title: Professor Emeritus, Community and Environmental Sociology; Sociology

Joan Fujimura

Position title: Martindale-Bascom Professor of Sociology, Emerita

Jan Greenberg

Position title: Professor Emeritus, Social Work

Robert Hauser

Position title: Vilas Research Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Karen Holden

Position title: Professor Emerita, Consumer Science and Public Affairs

John Allen Logan

Position title: Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Marsha Mailick

Position title: Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education, Emerita

Dan Meyer

Position title: Professor, Social Work

Nora Cate Schaeffer

Position title: Sewell Bascom Professor Emerita of Sociology

Timothy M. Smeeding

Position title: Lee Rainwater Distinguished Professor of Public Affairs & Economics, Hilldale Professor Emeritus

James Sweet

Position title: Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Karl Taeuber

Position title: Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Elizabeth Thomson

Position title: Professor Emerita, Sociology

Paul Voss

Position title: Professor Emeritus, Community and Environmental Sociology

James Walker

Position title: Professor Emeritus, Economics

Barbara L. Wolfe

Position title: Professor Emerita, Economics; Population Health Sciences; and Public Affairs