CDE/CDHA affiliates and graduate students made a spectacular showing at the 2023 PAA annual meeting in New Orleans! Both centers are well represented with 66 faculty affiliates, 18 postdoctoral affiliates, and 50 graduate student affiliates appearing 134 times on the program as authors, discussants, and chairs.

Congratulations to the CDE & CDHA affiliates who won posters awards at PAA 2023:

  • Quality-Work Life Expectancy in the United States, 1999–2019; Grace Venechuk, UW-Madison
  • Discrimination and Health in the Upper Midwest; Sarah Salas, UW-Madison; Michal Engelman, UW-Madison; ‪Kristen Malecki, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Who Belongs Where? Geographic, Racial, and Socioeconomic Variation in Neighborhood Effects on Health; Joseph Clark, UW-Madison; Michal Engelman, UW Madison; ‪Kristen Malecki, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Race, Place, and Time-Specific Mortality Inequities During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence From Wisconsin; Sabrina Sanchez, UW-Madison; Michal Engelman, UW-Madison
  • Relocating the Border: The Rise of Immigrant Detention Across the Prison Boom and Bust; Isabel Anadon, UW-Madison; John Eason, Brown University; Cecilia Menjivar, University of California, Los Angeles; Victoria Ylizaliturri, UW-Madison
  • Children’s Living Arrangements and Mothers’ Economic Well-being Post-Separation in Finland and the United States; Mari Haapanen, University of Turku; Trisha Chanda, UW-Madison; Anneli Miettinen, Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland; Quentin Riser, UW-Madison; Judi Bartfeld, UW-Madison; Mia Hakovirta, University of Turku
  • What Drives the Russian Regional Fertility Rollercoaster: Russian Fertility, 1992-2019; Michael Zaslavsky, UW-Madison; Ted Gerber, UW-Madison; Sunnee Billingsley, Stockholm University

Lolayemi Charles, a member of the first NextGenPop cohort held at UW-Madison in Summer 2022, won a poster for her research, “Perceptions of health, risk, and safety amongst Black mothers during the prenatal and postpartum stage.” Congratulations Lola!

A big congratulations also to Tim Smeeding, CDE & CDHA affiliate, who was awarded the Robert J. Lapham Award, which recognizes his “contribution to the population profession through the application of demographic knowledge to policy issues.”

A full list of CDE/CDHA contributions may be found here.