Graduate Training Program Update

A hearty congratulations to Ariane Ophir, who completed her PhD in Sociology in the summer. A family sociologist who uses quantitative methods to understand how population dynamics (re)produce or undermine gender inequality, Ophir’s dissertation examined gender and housework in a changing demographic context. Ophir is now a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Demographic Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Hugh Roland completed his PhD in environment and resources from the Nelson Institute Environmental Studies in December. His dissertation examines environmental vulnerability and adaptation in geographically isolated contexts. In January, Roland will join the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health as a postdoctoral researcher.

Two students in the CDE training program recently have been recognized for their outstanding achievements. Isabel Anadon has been named an American Bar Foundation/National Science Foundation Doctoral Fellow in Law and Inequality. Anadon is a doctoral candidate in the sociology department and studies the intersection of punishment and migration with a focus on race and ethnicity and the sociology of law. Her research is inspired by her extensive community organizing and collaborative efforts alongside local Chicago communities and stakeholders on issues of immigrant integration, education, local and federal immigration policy, and access to health care.

Leafia Zi Ye won the best graduate student paper award for her work, “Continuous Integration or Cumulative (Dis)advantage? U.S. Immigrants’ Economic Trajectories in Later Life,” from the Aging and the Life Course section of the American Sociological Association. Ye is PhD candidate in sociology who uses quantitative methods to study immigrants and people of color’s well-being and access to resources over the life course.

CDE extends a warm welcome to ten new graduate students: Angela Ablaberdieva, Trisha Chanda, Mary Daniels, Rodrigo Gonzalez Velastin, Li Hsu, Sungsik Hwang, Rachel Pomazal, Yue Qin, Michael Zaslavsky, and Iris Zhao. Welcome, all! We are excited to work with you!