DemSem Schedules 2018 – 2019

Fall Schedule 2018

Tuesday, September 11: GUYnecology: The Missing Science of How Men’s Health Matters for Reproduction, Rene Almeling (Yale University)

Monday, September 24: America’s Diversity Explosion, William Frey (Brookings University)

Tuesday, October 2: Chain Displacement and the Geography of Eviction (UW)

Tuesday, October 9: Large-scale, Genome-wide Association Studies of Socioeconomic Outcomes, Phillip Koellinger (Vrije Universiteit-Amsterdam)

Tuesday, October 16: Spillover Effects in Clustered Randomized Trials with Noncompliance, Hyunseung Kang (UW)

Tuesday, October 23: Disentangling the Stress Process: Race/Ethnic Differences in Exposure and Appraisal of Chronic Stressors, Lauren Brown (University of Michigan)

Tuesday, October 30: Biological Mediators and Moderators of Social Disadvantage, Colter Mitchell (University of Michigan)

Tuesday, November 6: The Effects of Rising Commuting Durations on Pregnancy and Infant Health, Yang Wang (UW)

Tuesday, November 13: Multi-generational Poverty Cycles? A Prospective Analysis, Fabian Pfeffer (University of Michigan)

Tuesday, November 27: Dynamics of Health in Later Life and Implication for Mechanisms of Health Disparity, Christopher Seplaki (University of Rochester Medical Center)

Tuesday, December 4: Social and Biological Perspectives on the Role of Employment Policies of the 1930s on Aging, David Rehkopf (Stanford University)

Tuesday, December 11: Teacher Effects in Africa: Longitudinal and Causal Estimates, Jeffrey Smith (UW)

Spring Schedule 2019

Tuesday, January 22: The Cyclicality of Informal Care, Corina Mommaerts (UW)

Tuesday, January 29: The Social Structuring of Coercion and Control: Intimate Relationships and Reproductive Behaviors, Jennifer S. Barber (University of Michigan)

Tuesday, February 5: The History and Adaptation of Hmong in Wisconsin, Yang Xiong (UW)

Tuesday, February 12: Racial Wages and Children’s Schooling: Race, Parental Income, and Achievement, 1960 – 2009, Jordan Conwell (UW)

Tuesday, February 19: The Impact of a Temporary Gender Imbalance: Repercussions of the War of the Triple Alliance in Paraguay, Laura Schechter (UW)

Tuesday, February 26: Parent Disability and Child Education, Katie Jajtner (UW)

Tuesday, March 12: Immigration Policy and Latino Children’s Health, Chenoa Allen (UW)

Tuesday, March 26: Is the Gender Wage Gap Really a Family Wage Gap in Disguise?, Youngjoo Cha (Indiana University)

Tuesday, April 2: Statutory Inequality: The Logics of Monetary Sanctions in State Law, Mary Pattillo (Northwestern University)

Tuesday, April 23: Immigration in Schools: Foreign-Born Students and Performance of Natives

Tuesday, April 30: Biodemography: A 21st Century Guided Tour, James R. Carey (University of California-Davis and Berkeley)

Tuesday, May 7: Immigration and Fertility: Implications for Post-Recession Fertility Decline, Emilio Parrado (University of Pennsylvania)