CDE graduates off to exciting research positions around the world!

Congratulations to our fantastic group of CDE graduates and alumni who are heading off to faculty and research positions across the globe in 2023-2024!

Annaliese Grant
Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Annaliese uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to study family relationships, responsibilities, and media use in low-income families in the U.S.


Qian He
Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Qian is interested in understanding how intergroup relations structure variations in socioeconomic outcomes and public opinion and the underlying mechanisms.


Yiyue Huangfu
Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen

Yiyue is interested in inequality, migration, and aging with current work substantively focused on the causes, consequences, and contingencies of internal migration in China.


Isabel Pike
Assistant Professor, McGill University

Isabel’s research focuses on gender and public policy, development and aid policies, redistribution policies and social inequalities, and poverty in Africa.


Jason Robey
Assistant Professor, State University of New York at Albany

Jason’s research examines the evolving relationships between the criminal justice system and social inequalities across incarceration, criminal sentencing, and adolescent delinquency.


Fiona Weeks
Senior Project Director, University of Wisconsin-Madison Survey Center

Fiona is interested in applying mixed methods to understand and reduce health inequities affecting maternal and child health populations.


Leafia Ye
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Leafia’s research agenda centers on urgent challenges that deter the full inclusion of immigrant populations into host societies.