CDE Center Grant Renewed

We are pleased to announce that the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) renewed CDE’s center grant (P2C HD047873) for 2019–24, continuing a nearly half-century tradition of infrastructure support from the federal government.

CDE’s research and training efforts have provided foundational information about the health and well-being of individuals, families, and groups, and the changing composition of the broader populations that they comprise since the Center’s founding in 1962. Today, 70 faculty affiliates from 21 departments across campus engage in cutting-edge research across a wide range of topics in population science, especially within CDE’s five primary research areas: 1) Fertility, Families and Households; 2) the Demography of Inequality; 3) Health and the Life Course; 4) Biodemography; and 5) Spatial and Environmental Demography.

“We are grateful for ongoing NICHD support, which is vital to our success as a center, and we look forward to continuing to advance population research and training in the years to come,” said Director Marcy Carlson.

Center funding provides foundational support for the three organizational units within CDE: the Administrative, Development, and Scientific and Technical Cores. The Administrative Core, led by Carlson and Janet Clear, provides overall direction for CDE and coordinates key center activities that allow CDE affiliates to focus on developing and extending their research. The Administrative Core provides grants submission and management services, coordinates the weekly demography research seminar (DemSem), facilitates training activities, and disseminates research findings. Under the leadership of Jenna Nobles—and working with Research Area Directors across each of CDE’s primary research areas—the Development Core supports innovative new research projects, increases CDE’s extramural research portfolio, and promotes the development of junior faculty. The Scientific and Technical Core, led by Eric Grodsky, James Walker, Andrew Arnold, and Charlie Fiss, provides the analytic infrastructure that enables and enhances the quality of population science produced by CDE affiliates at all career stages across campus. Together, these cores enable CDE to build on, and extend, its long tradition of excellence in population research and training.