Annemarie Schneider

Position title: Associate Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies


Phone: (608) 890-0557

202 Enzyme Institute, 1710 University Ave.

Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies


I am currently an Associate Professor at the Nelson Institute’s Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE) and an affiliate of the Department of Geography. My research examines the causes and consequences of land cover change in urban and peri-urban environments, specifically the demographic, economic, and policy changes responsible for rapid urbanization and urban sprawl, as well as the local- to global-scale environmental impacts that result.  My most recent research efforts have focused on monitoring urban change across large areas, including comparative analysis of urban trajectories, land use patterns, and population growth. My work has focused on developing a consistent methodology for mapping urban expansion using multiple types of earth observation satellite imagery and census data, and developing a consistent approach for defining what constitutes an urban agglomeration (both within and across countries and city sizes). This work is centered on East-Southeast Asia, one of the fastest urbanizing regions in the world.  My projects have been funded by NASA, the National Science Foundation, the National Academy of Sciences, and the World Bank.

CDE research theme area affiliations

Spatial and Environmental Demography

Selected Publications

Hurni, Kaspar, Annemarie Schneider, Andreas Heinimann, Duong H. Nong, and Jefferson Fox. “Mapping the Expansion of Boom Crops in Mainland Southeast Asia Using Dense Time Stacks of Landsat Data.” Remote Sensing 9, no. 4 (2017).

Huang, Xiaoman M., Annemarie Schneider, and Mark A. Friedl. “Mapping Sub-Pixel Urban Expansion in China Using Modis and Dmsp/Ols Nighttime Lights.” Remote Sensing of Environment 175 (2016): 92-108.

Alix-Garcia, Jennifer, Annemarie Schneider, and Na Zhao. “Playing Favorites: Tax Incentives and Urban Growth in China, 1978-2010.” Land Economics 92, no. 1 (2016): 1-27.

Schneider, Annemarie, Carly M. Mertes, Andrew J. Tatem, Bin Tan, Damien Sulla-Menashe, Sarah J. Graves, Nirav N. Patel, et al. “A New Urban Landscape in East-Southeast Asia, 2000-2010.” Environmental Research Letters 10, no. 3 (2015).