John Eason

Position title: Associate Professor, Sociology


Phone: (608) 262-0304

8115 Sewell Social Sciences

Department of Sociology
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I am currently Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. From 2010-2013, I was as Assistant Professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University, and from 2013-2018 I was Assistant to Associate Professor of Sociology at Texas A&M University. As a spatial demographer, my primary research interests link race, health, punishment, and spatial inequality to community processes. My recent work has focused on the total institution beyond prison building, as I now consider health disparities in immigrant detention centers along with imprisonment, prisoner reentry, murder, and healthcare access across the rural-urban interface.

CDE research theme area affiliations

Demography of Inequality; Spatial and Environmental Demography.

Selected Publications

Eason, John M. Big House on the Prairie: Rise of the Rural Ghetto and Prison Proliferation. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017).

Eason, John M. “Reclaiming the Prison Boom:  Considering Prison Proliferation in the Era of Mass Imprisonment.” Sociology Compass 10 (2016): 261-271.