Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Wednesday, February 6: The Academic Job Market: What Do Hiring Committees Look For? Jason Fletcher (public affairs; sociology) and Christine Schwartz (sociology)

Wednesday, February 13: Job Market Tips for International Students, Chaeyoon Lim and Alberto Palloni (sociology)

Wednesday, February 20: Research Ethics Case Studies, Michal Engelman (sociology)

Monday, February 27: Regression Diagnostics, Mark Banghart (SSCC)

Wednesday, March 6: Media Relations and Communications Strategies, Veronica Rueckert and Eric Hamilton (university communications)

Wednesday, March 13: PAA practice talk

Wednesday, March 20: No seminar

Wednesday, March 27: PAA practice talks

Wednesday, April 3: PAA practice talks

Wednesday, April 10: No seminar

Wednesday, April 17: Introducing the UW Survey Center, Nora Cate Schaeffer (sociology; UW Survey Center)

Wednesday, April 24: Embodying Landscapes of Violence: Impacts of Conflict- and Displacement-related Stressors on Women’s Health at the Thai-Burma Border, Stephanie Koning

Wednesday, May 1: Information Design and Presentation Best Practices, James R. Carey (Davis)