Demography Training Seminars 2019 – 2020


September 4: Reproducible Research, Lars Vilhuber, Cornell Economics

September 11: Writing a Strong PAA Abstract, Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

September 18: PAA Abstract workshop, Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

September 25: Practice Job Talk, Sherry Zhang, Health Disparities Research Scholars Program

October 2: Practice Job Talk, Nathan Seltzer, UW-Madison Sociology

October 9: No Seminar (Yom Kippur)

October 16: Practice Job Talk, Mike King, UW-Madison Sociology

October 23: Framing Your Research Story, Jordan Conwell, UW-Madison Sociology & Educational Policy Studies

October 30: Writing Dissertation Proposals, Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

November 6: The R&R process: Responding to reviews & being a reviewer, Monica Grant, Lauren Schmitz, & Eric Grodsky, UW-Madison Sociology

November 13: Navigating academia as an interdisciplinary scholar, Lauren Gaydosh, Vanderbilt Sociology

November 20: The Advisor-Advisee Relationship, Amber Smith & Liza Chang, WISCIENCE Research Mentor and Mentee Training Program

November 27: No Seminar (Thanksgiving Break)

December 4: Model Choice & Model Selection in the Population Sciences, David Kaplan UW-Madison, Educational Psychology, John Mullahy UW-Madison, Population Health, Christine Schwartz, UW-Madison Sociology

December 11: Ethical Considerations in Population Research: It’s in the Data, Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology


Jan 22: Giving A Good Research Talk, Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

Jan 29: Preparing Scientific Posters, Renee Kremer, UW-Madison Population Health Sciences, Mike King, UW-Madison Sociology, & Sandra Spirovska, UW-Madison Economics

Feb 5: Data Management,Jim Walker, UW-Madison Economics

Feb 12: “Concerned Demography:” Ethics in Population Research, Michal Engelman, UW-Madison Sociology

Feb 19: Reproducibility, Jenna Nobles, UW-Madison Sociology

Feb 26: Postdocs: What are they for and how do you get them? Katie Jajtner, Center for Demography of Health & Aging, Xing Sherry Zhang, Health Disparities Research Scholar, Amanda Bosky, Center for Financial Security, & Ngoc Dao, Center for Financial Security, Retirement & Disability Research Center

March 4: A recent grad reflects on the Academic Job Market, Eric Vogelsang, Cal State San Bernardino

March 11: Bayesian Statistics, Scott Lynch, Duke University Sociology

March 18: Spring Break

March 25: PAA Practice talks I:

Leafia Ye: Longer Lives in Poverty: U.S. Immigrants’ Longevity Advantage and Economic Disadvantage in Older Ages
Leah Foltman: The Persistent Influence of Redlining on Racial Disparities in Educational Attainment in Milwaukee, WI
Shiro Furuya: Detecting genetic heterogeneities in response to trauma: The case of 9/11
Emma Romell: Family Complexity and Fathers’ Parenting Quality

April 1: PAA Practice Talks II

Won-tak Joo: Restructuring of Social Networks After the Onset of Health Problems
Ellie Hozhausen; The Validity of Self- and Proxy-Reported Health Measures in Children
Joanna Venator: Undue Burden Beyond Texas: An Analysis of Abortion Clinic Closures, Births, And Abortions in Wisconsin
Leah Foltman: Racial Disparities in Health: An Investigation in Wisconsin.

April 8: PAA Practice Talks III

Leafia Ye: Forced-Choice Dilemma? Immigrant Youth’s School Achievement and Popularity
Alex Mikulas: Beyond Area Disadvantage: How disadvantage indexes make – and miss – the mark for predicting sense of community
Shiro Furuya: Loneliness and isolation at older ages in Japan: A life table approach
Gracie Venechuk: Health at the Intersection of Work and Family for American Mothers

April 15: PAA Practice Talks IV

Ariane Ophir: Housemates and Housework: A New Context for the Gendered Division of Labor?
Kelsey Wright: The effects of method-related sexual effects on contraceptive method satisfaction and continuation
Ang Yu: The Impact of Parental Wealth on Children’s Nest-leaving, Renting, and Home-buying.
Lindsay Cannon: The Role of Violent and Coercive Experiences in Sexual and Reproductive Health Outcomes among Women in Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

April 22: No Seminar: PAA in Washington, DC

April 29: TBD